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Moon Spots: circular or semi-circular areas of white or a lighter color on a dark background.Leopard Spots: rosette like cluster with a different colored center.The default port number for SMTP services is 25, but if your SMTP server runs on a different port, you must also specify it via the Port property: If the first host on the list is down, Asp Email will automatically attempt to connect to the second host, etc.If none of the specified hosts are working, an error exception will be thrown. Body = Request("Body") str Err = "" b Success = False On Error Resume Next ' catch errors Mail.You must also specify the sender's email address and, optionally, name as follows: To add message recipients, CCs, BCCs, and Reply-To's, use the Add Address, Add CC, Add Bcc and Add Reply To methods, respectively. Send ' send message If Err Click the links below to run this code sample (ASP and ASP.

Depending on the server roles you are installing the pre-requisites vary.

Dapples: irregular patterning and melding of colors with no distinct edges (often tan and/or white on a dark background).

Tiger Dapples: are a more rare coloration and demonstrate a brindle pattern of striping and ragged edges. Roaning: similar to ticking on a dog, and is found in two patterns, white hairs on dark background or dark hairs on a light background.

Notice that you must not use an '=' sign to pass values to the methods. The script is essentially the same except that the message body is set to an HTML string, and the property Is HTML is set to True: Asp Email is capable of validating the syntax of an email address.

For example, Use the Subject and Body properties to specify the message subject and body text, respectively. In the latter case, you must also set the Is HTML property to True. As of Version 5.2, it is also able to determine, with a high degree of certainty, whether a particular email address actually exists.

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