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For all the ways that technology has made dating easy—winking across cyberspace is way less intimidating than striking up a conversation with a stranger—it’s also created a bunch of minefields that may cause potential romance to explode. “Until you’ve had the exclusivity talk, there’s no obligation to let each other into your online worlds,” says Davis. Whatever you find, don’t bring it up until she does.

While some people friend everyone they’ve said hi to, others are cautious about adding a person to their network until they really know them. Put her on a restricted list, so she only sees a limited profile. Or maybe she is the enthusiastic moderator of a “millions of cats” message board.

You're a parent - you don't have a life threatening disease.

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Or that has seen a 180 percent increase in parents using the site who have kids who live with them.Then when you’re ready, it’s time to create your online profile.Does being a single parent put you in the penalty box or sidelines when it comes to dating? Saturating the first date conversation with stories of little league and honor roll won't give you or your date any intimate details about who you are.Here are three common "fouls" and how to re-play them and win! There will be a time when you get to know each other enough that you will be able to share details about your children's lives, but for now keep the conversation about you: Your hopes, dreams, books you are reading, dream vacations, best meals, what you did on your 16th birthday..topics are limitless and so are the opportunities to get to really know one another. However, this can be accomplished via the pre-date" banter (emails, texts, messaging, reading their online dating profile, etc.) After this has been communicated, I'd challenge you to try to make it through two full dates without details about your kids' lives.

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