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Every family has their own pot pie recipe, Alice Ann said. She also has recipes from other people–like her own mother and her Amish cleaning lady–but she likes the one from John’s mother best so it is the one she uses.

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Pennsylvania Dutch’s “pot pie” is not a normal pot pie as we know it–you know, the kind with chicken stew topped with pie crust and baked? “How about something regarding food, or perhaps something phonetically similar but not the exact spelling”, I tried again.Once the dough is mixed and lightly kneaded, it’s then rolled into very thin sheets, and cut into about 2-inch squares.ESPN’s Cari Champion’s interview with Big Boi got super awkward when she asked a clever Migos-inspired question about a dog named after actress Halle Berry. The attempt consequently had her digging herself further into a hole when she tweeted #RIPHalle Berry.According to Alice Ann, though pot pies are common throughout Lancaster county and Pennsylvania, the use of saffron in the broth is specific only the town of Denver, where she and most of the family are from.Alice Ann made the first batch to show me, then let me do the rest so that I could get the feel of the dough myself. When I watched aunt Alice Ann do the work, the dough looked pretty dry and tough to my eyes, but once I tried with my own hands, it was much softer than I expected.

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