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I design sets for the dance company.” But when I came in, it was to help him organize his work and the whole structure of his life. That was one of the first things we agreed on without having to speak about it: to never feel that those two persons were exiled.

He was going to be the artist, and I was going to be the support structure.

Since they met in Paris, the two have successfully entwined their creative work and domestic lives. I was a successful fashion photographers’ agent, then I met Patrick and saw I could help him and gave up the photographers. Whatever you do now has got to be about your work, your company.” That was the attitude that I came to Bjorn with. And, once it caught fire, things just began to pour out of him -- still are. Now that it’s possible, we look at ourselves and say, “Yeah, we’ll get around to it.

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The provision (explained excellently by Minnesota Public Radio in this recent primer piece) will ask Minnesotans whether they want to vote to alter the state constitution to define marriage as “between one man, one woman.” But “even if voters don’t approve the constitutional amendment,” writes MPR’s Paul Tosto, “Minnesota’s legal ban on same-sex marriage doesn’t go away.

This performer, whose scenic presence thrills the audience, expresses violence, gentleness and emotion.

His status as a black, homosexual dancer has influenced the social theme of these works, just like modern dance and the importance of improvisation have influenced the creative approach.

I read this interview with Bill in a magazine, and he was speaking about dealing with grief -- which I was living through -- and it really touched me. We were supposed to have brunch, but that brunch turned into a whole day. That was the mantra of our generation after the first major onslaught of AIDS, after we realized there was a chance we might live: Those things are important. Falling in love is different when you’re in your forties than when you’re in your late teens or twenties. When you’ve had a relationship of 18 years, and that person is over and you’re starting another one, you’re aware of something happening.

So I thought to myself, It took a while -- he was in New York, I was in Paris -- but eventually we spoke on the phone. Bill encouraged me so that, now, I am able to say, “I am a sculptor. First of all, everything at that time has a big hard-on connected with it.

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