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In the late '70s, he grew an affection for punk groups including New York Dolls, The Stooges, Buzzcocks and The Sex Pistols as well as AC/DC as he believed they were a punk group.

with former members of Slaughter & the Dogs and Eater.

Emerging from the violent streets of Manchester during the ‘real’ punk rock wars and rolling into post punk, death rock, hard rock and back.

He has played with the best, Morrissey, Jagger, Iggy et al, this kid has done more than most could ever dream.

His melodies and riffs have influenced a generation of players. I have watched him thrash his instrument until the blood splattered the virgin white of his beloved Gretsch Falcon, I have witnessed him throw his instrument in the air in a gesture of self-satisfaction after the performance he had just thrown down in front of a sweating, exhausted crowd only to see her crash on her tail and upright herself against his demolished Marshall cabinets, streaming ear crushing feedback. While we live in a culture that celebrates the ‘tortured artists’ who martyr themselves and don’t have what it takes to survive, we rarely pay tribute to those who actually make it to the other side and surpass the fleeting years of self destructive youth.

Duffy is amongst that handful who still have the piss and vinegar to rip it up.” Born on the 12th May 1961 at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester.

Duffy tweeted: "More tragic news this morning, RIP Martin Mc Guinness a true hero for many off us, God bless your family and close ones #ireland." The tweet garnered a very mixed reaction on social media.

The 25-year-old Derry native joined Brighton last year from Blackburn last summer and has played a huge role in their promotion push, but people were quick to point out that the city, where Duffy now plies his trade, had been targeted in one of the most infamous IRA bombings of The Troubles.

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In terms of autobiographies, I've got Mike Tyson's autobiography right now. I hate looking at pictures of myself, they're usually awful.Together, they exploited the Southern Death Cult's success by calling themselves Death Cult.Despite some initial fanfare and a couple of singles, the band chose to shed the name in 1984 in favor of the shortened The Cult, as less artistically limiting.We talked to Astbury before he took the stage at a concert in New Jersey, and he revelaed himself to be a down-to-earth, convivial, and funny guy who loves Yohji Yamamoto and Nikes. He suffered greatly, but he was very instrumental in us moving forward as a global community. ESQ: So, Morrissey released his autobiography, and in it he mentions his early days playing in a band with [Cult guitarist] Billy Duffy. The idea of being icons, I think it's great when you're 24. I much prefer being in the studio or on stage and staying out of the mainstream really. I grew up in Canada so I kind of identified with New York sports teams.He spoke candidly about music, his views on fashion, and what it means to be a rock star today. Adam Levine is good at that., I like these songs because they're rooted in three-chords and blues-rock elements. We didn't have a baseball team in Canada so they were the go-to team for me in the '70s. "There's going to be something from The Cult..."IA: Yes.

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