Who is blake griffin dating 2016

‘But I was caught up in the moment and I didn’t think.

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When Draymond Green elbowed Blake Griffin in the mouth early in the third quarter of the Christmas evening battle between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers, no one was really that surprised. Supposedly, he's one of the most popular players in the NBA among fans!When we think of knitting, most people imagine their grandmother in a rocking chair hunched over a pair of needles.But there's something to be said for this meditative DIY craft. I alternate between coconut water, green juice, and the tropical smoothie -- and walk around Audubon Park to see birds, wildlife, and Uptown mommies parading in their Lululemon finest.Yes, the man was putting up 20-and-10's with relative ease, but was he deserving of so much so soon?I don't know much about basketball, but two things I think I know: Players don't like being dunked on, and players don't like being constantly reminded about the time they got dunked on.

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