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There’s a whole bunch of things you can do to maximise the amount of pleasure your lady is experiencing and you should be doing them all. Your arms will get tired pretty quickly, so you can cheat by stuffing a pillow underneath her butt, which takes the pressure off your upper body. Your lady is putting pressure on her vagina by closing her legs, so when you insert your plonker, she will more pleasure and you will too.Once you master these moves and tips, she’ll be dragging you upstairs to bed. Now all you need to do is place your hands at the top of her legs (near her vagina) and grab on tight for better purchase and thrusting. Use a vibrating butt plug on her, this will stimulate her g-spot within the vagina through the thin layer of skin that separates the anus and the vagina walls. When you’re grinding, whisper dirty things in her ear like “Do you like this dick? Sounds strange now, but in the moment, she’ll love it.One of the first things that applying male college students are required to do upon entering one of the club's sessions is to remove their school uniform leaving them in a state of total, aroused nudity as the female member's can thoroughly examine their exposed cocks and balls (and anuses too for some of the more kinky members) using protractors and rulers alike and recording results such as shaft length soft and hard, angle of erection, testicle size, etc.After the initial examination is complete, games of endurance are conducted such as a handjob olympics where the winner being the one who has not only the more powerful and orgasmic jizzy handjob, but the one who can 'shoot' the farthest whom is allowed admittance to the club following a quick photo session of him still in his birthday standing slightly dazed while one of the club's cute female leaders holds a clear plastic cup containing some of his jizzum pose with bright smiles and hearty peace-signs that the Japanese are known to do.The first scene is actually a recreation of this newscaster's college years in her founding of the short-lived penis appreciation club that had near-daily meetings after classes for a few weeks before the administration found out and restricted their fun (no worries though as according to this newscaster, the club simply went private and thus grew nationwide and still thrives even to this day).

No skinny long freaky things or stubby midget schlongs.Want to be able to satisfy your woman even though you don’t have a foot long dong? This guide will show you some of the best sex positions that will make her orgasm, even with a small penis.Make sure you read to the end, we share some tips that will turn you into a sex god. The average erect penis size in the US is 5.6 inches long, if you’re not reaching that length, chances are you might not be satisfying the woman (or women) in your life.Ok, let’s get on with the sex positions first: Get yourself some high quality edible lube. Difficulty: 3/10 – If you’re on a bed, it’s super easy. Obviously don’t try it if she doesn’t like anything up her butt :) Difficulty: 2/10 – Even if you’re disgustingly overweight, you can do this one. Difficulty: 9/10 – You need olympic level legs to do this for more than 30 seconds.Not only is this perfect for lazy folk, it’s also great for deep penetration because you’re using most of your bodyweight to push down on her butt, which is spreading the cheeks and giving you maximum thrust to pump power. You feel like a pornstar for 30 seconds and you can really go hard with the thrusting, so it’s perfect for dirtier girls who love rougher sex.

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