Who is eric nies dating

Like an angry hermit crab who, after being poked repeatedly with twigs, finally comes out of his shell, scurries across the sand, then disappears once again into his shell, Andre made a brief, begrudging appearance in this episode.

Truthfully, it’s not like he had much of a choice, since Andre and his band Reigndance have a big gig coming up.

It is, of course, hilariously dated—both Eric and his female counterpart start out wearing oversize, brightly colored suits that appear to have been borrowed from Heavy D. Sure, they're in their skivvies, but otherwise the ad isn't even vaguely raunchy. Just because he’s a model doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings.

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In the ad, Eric and a female model take each other’s clothes off; there’s some sexy giggling and tribal music in the background.

The rehearsal is cut short by the arrival of the cops, who've gotten some noise complaints. Becky, Norm and Julie plan to go to the show, even though it's all the way on Staten Island, but first, they head to Norm’s friend’s art opening. Becky (wearing a teensy gold-studded bustier with a pair of baggy jeans and a black blazer) and Julie (wearing an enormous plaid jacket with bulky shoulder pads) get trapped in conversation with various pretentious windbags.

Michelle and I met in January 2005, and started dating around spring break of 2005.

The band rehearses in a basement which is so small that Andre has to stand, hunched over, on the stairs.

But hey, man, that’s cool: “I kind of like being cramped in that dungeon like disgusting basement,” he says.

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