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The group is known for the song "Paris (Ooh La La)," featuring Potter's vocals.Potter also had a hit duet with Kenny Chesney, "You and Tequila," and in 2015 released a solo album, Grace Potter was born on June 20, 1983, in Waitsfield, Vermont.

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Besides playing with the Nocturnals, Potter has also released solo material and collaborated with other artists including Kenny Chesney and The Rolling Stones.

It's just like being married, except you're married to more than one person!

”Born on June 20, 1983, in Waitsfield, Vermont, Grace Potter became the lead singer of the Nocturnals while attending St. The band self-released two albums before signing with Hollywood Records, and had three full-length studio albums with the label by 2012.

At which point Potter Nation promptly freaked the fuck out. Are the Nocturnals breaking up and Grace is going solo full time?

If so, will they have to rename Grand Point North so that the initials match whatever moniker Grace ends up going by? Unfortunately, as of this writing, firm answers are elusive. While the natural, if knee-jerk, reaction to Tournet's post is that he's leaving the band, he never actually said that.

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