Who is guy garvey dating

It was gradually becoming something of a tradition that every time Elbow put out a new album, Hot Press would travel to Manchester for an exclusive playback in their Salford studio before retiring to nearby hostelry The Eagle (which the band nickname ‘The Downfall’) to do the interview over a pint or three. He’s been fronting Elbow for more than 25 years, but in recent times has started seriously multitasking. But I’ve swapped cigarettes for a Battlestar Galactica cigarette.

Instead of buying me a drink in his local, lead singer Guy Garvey rings me at home shortly after 9am, while obviously still midway through his breakfast. ” the affable 42-year-old calls down the line, speaking through a mouthful of crunchy toast. In 2015 he released and toured a well-received solo album, Courting The Squall. But I still had six pints of Guinness for my dinner last night.

It's clear the subject's still a little raw, but he soldiers on.

"It was a little bit of a shock, but not an entire surprise. You can hardly call him a fair-weather drummer, 25 years in.

His new partner – the actress Rachael Stirling – joins us later on in the day and he acts the gent, fussing over her skirt as it trails near a puddle and offering to fetch her another chair.

“You get better at handling it,” he says of previous relationships. I don’t regret anything that’s happened, any decisions I’ve made.

If you've not got the same morals and politics, it's pointless being with somebody.

If you've got tickets for Elbow's tour, don't worry - they have been busy rehearsing.

Rehearsals have, however, looked a bit different this time around.and won the prize in 2008 for their album "The Seldom Seen Kid".With Elbow’s seventh studio album, Little Fictions, about to drop, recently-hitched frontman GUY GARVEY talks about his (slightly) healthier lifestyle, the departure of drummer Richard Jupp, the twin disasters of Trump and Brexit, and why his actress wife makes him feel naughty. Sadly, for various logistical reasons, that isn’t happening on the release of their seventh studio album, Little Fictions. though it’s an ungodly hour for a rock ‘n’ roll interview.” Guy guffaws as only Guy can. He has been presenting a successful music show on BBC Radio 6, Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour, for the last five years. I’m a vaper these days, and I don’t hit the whiskey as often as I would like.It's their seventh; the first made without their drummer but, ironically, also their most beat-heavy album - possibly down to overcompensating for Jupp's departure, notes Garvey.Garvey grew up in a middle-class family in Bury, Lancashire (now Greater Manchester).

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