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Renner had been acting long before these huge-scale movies came his way.After making his first appearance in a best-forgotten high-school comedy , a canny mix of blockbuster and arthouse that begins as 12 alien spacecraft land across the globe.She adds that they are both busy with work and will take it slow while they continue to stay in lovely contact.

She’s told friends she feels like she can really count on him.” The outlet’s seemingly manufactured source further asserts that the pair are “taking it slow,” but “planning to spend the whole summer together.” The alleged “insider” adds, “They are definitely enjoying each other’s company.” But Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Patton, who exclusively assures us that she and Renner are simply “not together,” and this is a non-story.

'As a general rule I don’t respond to questions about my personal life. You’re now a giant movie star."'He added: 'So I just had a big laugh about it.

When you Google yourself and the first thing that comes up is "Jeremy Renner gay," it’s like, "Oh, now you’ve arrived.

Playing the straight-shooting Hawkeye in Marvel’s Avengers films, he’s also a regular in the Tom Cruise – a spin-off from the Jason Bourne/Matt Damon films.

“Physically, I was a late bloomer as a child,” he winks.

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