Who is jeremy sisto dating

Evie is cruel to her ("Call me." she says, and gives her the wrong number).But when Tracy steals a purse and hands over the money, Evie takes her on a shopping spree and soon the girls are such close friends that Evie has, essentially, moved into Tracy's room.

"The 'Clueless' thing really makes me feel old because it was right at the beginning [of my career], but I was an adult.Theo hopes to lure the real Hamlet (Kris Lemche) out of hiding so the two can end a centuries long feud over Shakespeare's Ophelia.Meanwhile, Julian pines for his ex-girlfriend, Anna (Devon Aoki) who is dating a Mobster Bobby Bianchi (Ralph Macchio) intent on creating the next great invention - "Whack a Germ".Jeremy Sisto was only 19 when he nabbed his first big role as Elton, the dude who made an unwanted move on Alicia Silverstone's Cher and couldn't find his Cranberries CD anywhere.Now 40, he can't believe some of the smallest moments from the film are so memorable for fans ...

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