Who is justin gaston dating now

Justin, 24, and Melissa, 29, got married during a private ceremony in Atlanta, GA on Saturday.

After the wedding, Melissa tweeted "Very happy and excited to be married!

One of Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriends beat her to the altar!

Former "Nashville Star" contestant/underwear model Justin Gaston -- who famously dated and lived with the then-16-year-old Disney star when he was 20 -- tied the knot over the weekend to actress Melissa Ordway.

Cyrus and Jonas also saw each other in Los Angeles on Saturday for Disney's Friends for Change video shoot.

In the online Twitter battle, Cyrus also commented: 'Why does saying good-bye hurt so much? This is worth 10000000 dollars.' Pop princess Cyrus shot to fame in 2006 with the launch of Disney show Hannah Montana where she played a teen leading a double life - one a high school student and the other a pop star.

The same Justin who practically lived with Miley and slept in her bedroom.

The same Miley who just this week was posing like a stripper for her latest director. PURE AND SIMPLE DEPT.: Miley Cyrus telling BFF’s she’s soooo glad she never got too physical with 20-year-old ex-beau Justin Gaston.

miley which you can read on the magazine’s website (plus there’s a few more sexy pics) of course miley had to stick her two cents in – which included a quote from the bible – ugh! Justin Gaston was once a hunky 20-something model, who had aspirations of being more.Now, in order to stay remotely relevant, Justin has to do things like this parody video about himself. Anyone else think this is not a joke and this is actually his room? These two just seriously need to stay away from each other. pop singer and actress wrote on her Twitter page yesterday: 'Tears are words the heart can't express.' In a direct response, teen heartthrob Gaston, 20, a former contestant on U. show Nashville Star and wannabe country singer, wrote: 'How many tears are in there? ' A source close to the couple told People magazine on Tuesday: 'They broke up on Sunday before she left for Savannah.' Cyrus, 16, flew out to the Georgia location to begin filming for her new film, The Last Song.'They have been recording music and spending more time together,' said the source.

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