Who is lenny henry dating now

The 58-year-old comedian and presenter has spoken out about a train journey post-referendum where he witnessed ‘two big white-van men just effing and blinding, talking about sending people back to their country’.

Speaking to The Sunday Times Culture magazine, he described how he ‘couldn’t breathe’ from shock after overhearing the conversation. ‘What was interesting is that people in the train carriage didn’t say anything.

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A friend of Lenny told me this week that the star has reluctantly accepted he has simply outgrown the relationship - he has been the prime mover in the split.Their 25-year bond seemed a touchstone for strong marriage and for many disproved the long-held theory that celebrities couldn’t share both the limelight and a home.But no more; the love still exists but the marriage doesn’t. Officially the split was in April, but they’d separated several months before that, and talked and talked and talked it over so they could get used to the idea, to make sure it was the right thing.Neither Dawn French nor Lenny Henry has really spoken about the reasons behind their divorce.French once said that perhaps her granny underpants were responsible, but that didn’t sound as if she were entirely serious.

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