Who is lisa rinna dating

And it seems we're not the only ones to have an opinion about this Kim vs.Lisa face off as many fans have since flocked to Twitter to weigh in on the situation (below). I'm hollering at her returned bunny gift & Rinna's FAKE soap actress tears. She that.” There is no doubt Lisa Rinna said what she said.And as Lisa Vanderpump made clear, cameras are always rolling. But a lot of the tension on Tuesday’s episode and surrounding season 7 as a whole goes deeper than just a game of telephone gone wrong. ’ And she became so vociferous and aggressively attacked me last year.You have quite the personal connection to ['Dancing with the Stars'] contestant Michael Bolton...He dated Nicolette Sheridan, who is your husband's ex-wife!Lisa Rinna has Michael Bolton to thank for her awesome life.Rinna is married to Harry Hamlin, with whom she has two daughters and an upcoming reality show 'Harry Loves Lisa.' Hamlin was previously married to Nicolette Sheridan, and Rinna has spoken about the end of that marriage to Celebuzz.

So when Eden is telling me that Rinna said this…it’s what you see, you know?

Or, you know, she just didn't want to disclose any further details, especially about the man who is now running the U. It's really not that shocking these two going out on a date.

Seeing as Trump is close with the Hilton family, Richards could have very well met him through her sister, Kathy Hilton. Who knows if Richards voted for Trump, but her niece Paris Hilton certainly did.

' Harry has never talked about it publicly and actually, neither of us has talked about it but it's been 18 years so we think it's okay to address it at this point.

Season 7 reunion, it was revealed that Kim Richards and Donald Trump went on a date back in the day. Before getting into all of the drama and giving back Lisa Rinna's bunny, Andy Cohen asked Richards, "I heard a rumor that you once dated Donald Trump. " After only a small hesitation, she admitted, "Yes." Cohen was shocked to hear her confirmation and exclaimed, "You did?!

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