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It is, however, going to come as rather a shock when fans begin to realise that the Presley figures have also not been immune to the odd spot of massaging over the years.Elvis did not sell 1 billion records by 1982 which claim first appeared via an article in the 'Washington Post' dated 12 July of that year and quoted RCA as its source, nor is there any validity in the current claim of 1.5 billion - whatever Sony BMG may say in the liner notes on the back of one or two recent DVD releases.

She is five feet, two inches tall, 110 pounds, and stylishy dressed in a splashy, purple print blouse and pants.

A third-generation Hollywood star, Melanie Griffith's daughter with Don Johnson hit it big in the erotic romance "50 Shades of Grey."Melanie: "I'm never gonna see ['50 Shades'] myself. She said, ' You can see it up until I lose my virginity.'"Photo by Kevin Mazur/Wire Image for In Style"It's not always easy—as Naomi, Wynonna and Ashley Judd would be the first to admit—but mothers and daughters have a unique emotional connection. Here, on Ashley Judd's 49th birthday, are 40 revealing portraits of celebrated moms and the offspring who followed them into the spotlight.

She, I think, would be mortified if we came to see her movie.

She is an American and is of Norway, Scots, Irish and English descent. They welcomed their first child soon after being married for about a year.

On 1st of May, 1967, she got married to Elvis Presley. They were happy to be each other’s loving spouse but they got divorced on 9th of October, 1973. After she dissolved her married life she had romantic love affairs for more than once.

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