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This combination had been used in stoas since the Classical period and was by Hellenistic times quite common.

However, upon marrying Alvaro Alfonso de Miranda Neto, she took the name "Athina de Miranda" and soon afterwards legally added the Onassis name.Athina Helene Onassis Roussel (born January 29, 1985) is a French-Greek heiress, the only surviving descendant of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, and the sole heir of Aristotle's daughter Christina Onassis, who inherited 55% of his fortune.The remaining 45%, minus the million left to Onassis' widow Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, was left to the Alexander S.Since 2004, the newly-inaugurated Archaeological Promenade, a 2.5-mile long, pedestrian-only, tree-lined walkway skirting the foot of the Acropolis and linking all the city’s major archaeological sites, has made the city centre infinitely more walkable and reduced the notorious traffic congestion and exhaust fumes.But visitors don’t come here just for the ancient monuments.

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