Who is viola davis dating

The couple has one daughter, Genesis, whom they adopted in 2011, and Davis is stepmother to Tennon's two sons from previous relationships.In 2011's "The Help," Davis played Abileen Clark, a pivotal character the hit movie that followed black housemaids in Mississippi during the 1960s -- when segregation laws were still in effect.Viola Davis recently opened up about her husband Julius Tennon, revealing that finding her him was the result of prayer.The two-time Oscar-nominated actress and her husband recently celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary, but the star only just now revealed that she had prayed for a man like Tennon before they were even introduced. Someone who loves God more than he loves himself." Just three weeks after asking God for a special man, He answered her prayers.

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"I was the loneliest woman in the world, and someone said, ' You should just pray for a husband," Davis told 's Page Six of life as a single woman in the early 2000s. "We've been together thirteen years, and from the first day, it was magic," Davis gushed.

I was a single father with two children for 17 years, and my wife is doing an amazing job." PHOTOS: Hollywood's most romantic couples, past and present Motherhood is more fulfilling than Davis ever imagined. "My whole purpose in life has changed now, and that's really hard for an actor.

After graduating from the Juilliard School in 1993, Davis began her career on stage and won an Obie Award in 1999 for her performance as Ruby Mc Collum in Everybody's Ruby.

A single mother signs up for self-defense classes from a handsome instructor.

But he develops a frightening obsession with her and orchestrates an increasing deadly array of "tests" to see if she has truly learned from his lessons.

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