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Born into wealth, Syd will become a cover girl with her own pop album.

As the Rangers claim the Dark Energem, Sledge pulls the Earth out of orbit.

All Time Low released their first live album, Straight to DVD, in 2010, and released their second live album, Straight to DVD II: Past, Present and Future Hearts, on September 9, 2016.

On February 17, 2017, the band announced a new single entitled "Dirty Laundry" on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show – their first single since their move from Hopeless Records to Fueled by Ramen.

My favorite thing about touring with ATL is the experience and worldly knowledge you gain.

You’re able to grow as a person and to use it to educate others.

Their DNA accidentally altered, Kat's human assistants begin to sire metahuman children (including Sky and Bridge). Jack retires; Sky and Bridge change colors (unknown Green), and the rank of A-Squad is retired.

Young Z will be shunned, and Jack (his parents reportedly missionaries) will live on the streets. Still alive, Alex serves as the mysterious head of Time Force (was this always true or a result of changes to history?

He was at Towson High School when he was offered to join the pop punk rock band ‘All Time Low’ by its three members, namely Rian Dawson, Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth.It is very humbling to travel and play music for a living.It’s privilege to meet new people and experience their culture first hand. I have focused more on functional movements in my routines.I like ketchup, so it goes something like this: "Hey, let’s try a shirt with a cat wearing a beer helmet, and instead of beer we put ketchup bottles in the helmet and have it say CAT-SUP." We actually did that. Recently, I went to the Baltimore Ravens football practice and was watching Ray Lewis.I was really inspired and moved because he is a very motivated guy and a leader.

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