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Kazan received her BA in Theater from Yale University.

In the fall of 2006, she played "Sandy" opposite Cynthia Nixon...

I don't see the point of putting smoked salmon on a menu unless it's going to knock your socks off. Some of the prices simply demand excited punctuation) was excellent as well.

Otherwise, it's such a low-energy offering, it's only one notch above giving people Doritos. The pastry was as thin as a Rizla, but much crunchier, the lemon crème was intoxicatingly sharp and sweet.

Outside, there is a pretty garden and some wicker bar stools, which gave it all a summery atmosphere even in March. T, in case you've forgotten, which I don't think we ever will, had the langoustines (£16), caught in Hartlepool, steamed with kale, a saffron mayonnaise on the side.

It's the kind of place one vies to think of huge occasions to suit – what a great place for a 40th! There were five in total, and they were enormous, almost the size of baby lobsters, and eye-wateringly fresh.

Ex-wife of Labour MP Simon Danczuk and ‘selfie queen’. I don’t know Karen well, but I feel like she’s got a gob on her, which might be divisive, but I imagine she’s quite tough and will pull her weight.

£2.75, though – you don't need a radical egg mayo for a price like that. I had the most adventurous thing I could find, some crevettes marie-rose (£7.75), in which that plural was a little misleading; it was one middling crevette, which was tasty enough, with some prawns underneath that were a bit watery and supermarket. It's true that he's not a daring consumer, but the fault wasn't his; this was fine, but a bit ordinary.

'Well, no, I don't know that I'd…' until (perhaps emboldened by a sudden memory of a ginormous langoustine) he cracked. Turn left and there's a casual restaurant that you can imagine starting in at noon and being turfed out at closing time.

Turn right as you enter, and there's a beamed nook of quintessential pub, the sort that claims (sometimes truthfully) to date from the 15th century.

' I asked (my tone was plaintive, rather than scathing). ' he asked helpfully, and awarded me an extra 15 minutes.

I'll eat at such a restaurant, though I could never love it. It's all marble and brass, bathed in golden light, with velvet upholstery and a chic crowd. And boy, is it cheap: you will have to be quick, because prices always rise, but for now it's at or below a Café Rouge on price point, and a hundred times more charming.

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