Whole foods speed dating tampa

But there were no sweet hearts and flowers during Lupercalia. But did you know chocolate goes just as well with certain types of beer? Head over to The Brewers Tasting Room where you can find all of your favorite micro brews in one place. This hoppy combination happens the day after Valentine’s Day on Feb. Afterwards you can enjoy a brew in the tasting room with more than a dozen taps. The tasting room also offers games like ping pong, darts, chess and Jenga.

Guests will be able to dine, dance and tour the galleries, including the love-inspired Frida Kahlo exhibit. Unfortunately the bouncer's excuses were making Rebecca laugh too much for her husband to perform his lingual duties.The evening started in the tamer half of the Tampa swingers club, Eyz Wide Shut, where Rebecca was hosting couples speed dating.There’s even an English Breakfast Burger inspired by our founding city, London! Check out all of the bands who have been voted to perform in the official competition May 18 – May 25.View The Bands Hard Rock’s Throwback City collection is available exclusively online for a limited time!

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