Whos keira knightley dating

"I don't think I'm ever going to be as famous as her," Jamie told magazine.Of that initial brush with fame, he added, "It's a strange environment, being hounded. "There are so many ways to make a living that don't involve hiding in bushes outside the houses of 18-year-old girls." Jamie is now married to Amelia Warner Hot off the set of , alongside Gillian Anderson.

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“Why no Oscar-nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor and no Keira Knightley, one of our best-known actresses?The couple, who began dating after co-starring in 2005's "Pride & Prejudice," lived together in London. Knightley's father, Will, told The Sun his 25-year-old daughter is "focused on her work.""They were together for quite a long time, and it is always hard breaking up," he said."But that's the way things go, unfortunately," he added."The only option is to get on with things."A source told the paper that Friend, 29, was particularly troubled by fame."Rupert hates the idea of being followed and photographed," the insider said.We had a beautiful wedding and there was a lot of love," Righton said.He went on to reveal that Knightley is easy-going when it comes to his band commitments, and insisted the actress isn't the Klaxon's 'Yoko Ono'."The music is the music," he said.

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