Wince updating registry values

References in this chapter to `environment variables’ are therefore actually references to values in the Windows CE registry.

The environment variables expected by Vortex Open Splice are: directories from within the Vortex Open Splice installation to be available on the Windows CE target hardware.

wince updating registry values-3

This guide looks briefly at the Windows CE registry and some simple customisation tweaks for beginners. What happens if I remove a vital registry entry It is only recommended that advanced users edit the system registry.

Here you'll find useful registry keys that cannot be changed in Self:winecfg. In older Wine versions (pre 1.0), Self:wineprefixcreate needs to be run after updating Wine, in order to update the registry as well. All values are strings (REG_SZ) unless stated otherwise.

To create a new key if it does not exist: | [Application specific defaults.

Dll Overrides, X11 Driver, etc.).] | -Debug | | | -Always Offscreen | | [Use offscreen rendering for all render targets.

The main effect this has is | | avoiding the depth buffer copy between offscreen and onscreen targets, which | | introduces fallbacks in some drivers and exposes bugs in others.

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