Windows updating problem

Updates for Quicken 2016 for Windows can be found here, when available.

Note: If you're a few updates behind, you only need to download the most recent update.

The latest example is the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which, ironically, brought back a host of bugs, errors, and installation failures.

That neat (if controversial and not really so neat) version of the world changed forever when, earlier this month, Shadow Brokers not only released the NSA’s trove which gave rise to the Wanna Cry worm, it also set up an auction for the “Shadow Brokers Monthly Data Dump” — what I’ve called Malware as a Service.

You can bet that there are some very nasty malware surprises coming, all lovingly crafted by the US National Security Agency, stolen, then spread by Shadow Brokers.

Mouse cursor is visible & moveable but does nothing. Please use ESC key or Power Button." Esc does not work. --Process Repeats I tried rebooting into Safe Mode and that appeared to be a step in the right direction. If that is what it takes, I would prefer to just stay on my version of Windows 10 and forgo all the "enhancements".

Error pops up: "The sign-in process could not display security and sign-in options when pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del. I carefully installed & set up everything to my satisfaction. I do NOT want to go through a clean install and all that entails.

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