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Numerous polling claims that only 34% of people are […] For many single men and women from all across the world online dating sites and marriage agencies became a real salvation from loneliness.Many people of the world have different problems in communication with the opposite sex.The Perfect Dating Advice E-Book For Women Who Want To […] I think every woman has ever asked herself this question: What does attract men?What can make them interested and to keep their attention.Not too long ago, a friend of mine decided to try online dating.

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He was my first kiss at 6, and there were many unresolved feelings that I felt needed exploring.

My daughter caught on and told me if I gave up my current relationship, she would never forgive me, so I ended the relationship with my old friend, which left him with bitter feelings. Dear Bitter: Because you felt it was appropriate to allow an 11-year-old to dictate your future, then yes, I suppose you did the right thing.

Dear Abby: I recently enrolled in an Internet dating site and have been cyberchatting with a very sweet gentleman. My problem is I’m borderline obese and have gray hair, a few wrinkles and some dental problems. Someday, he may want to meet face-to-face, and I am more petrified than 2,000-year-old wood! My heart has butterfly-wing feelings, not the head-over-heels emotions I had when I first met my late husband.

Should I keep texting this gentleman, or just fade away from him? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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