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Numbers culled from various dating sites have consistently shown both sexes prefer to date down the age spectrum rather than up. ), is one of the largest websites and apps designed to help users find their mates, but it works in an unconventional way.

Users allow the app to access their Facebook profile, and people are then are paired based on interests.

Whether you are looking for love, sex or dating, Bo M is a great place to start and in many cases, a place to end as well.

I find this hard to put into words but I have never been so happy in my life!! I found my happiness here on your site so you improved your words that “your happiness is our job” ;) You do your job extremely good! We met almost a year ago and now are in a relationship.

She had a beautiful smile, and her eyes were so happy, I asked her for a phone number and since then we keep in touch.

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Dating doesn't mean you're married and it isn't a full-fledged commitment.

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I met my lady the first day, and it had been wonderful.

We had a chat in a cafe and we took a walk into a park together.

Our mission is to help people from all over the world to find their second half We are situated in Belarus, a small country between Russia and Poland.

Since old times Belarus has been famous for the beauty of its women.

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