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He started dating Soon-Yi Previn while still involved with her adopted mother, Mia Farrow.And now Woody Allen, 80, is getting candid about his marriage to the woman he helped raise since the age of ten."I'm 35 years older, and somehow, through no fault of mine or hers, the dynamic worked. "We started going together, then we started living together, and we were enjoying it. WATCH: Woody Allen Maintains Innocence Amid Abuse Allegations Allen spoke about the effect the high-profile allegations had on his fan base and the audiences for his films. People did not come in great abundance, and they still don't, and I've maintained the same audience over the years," Allen, who has strongly denied the allegations and was never charged, explained. Woody Allen is notoriously tight-lipped about his personal life, particularly his nearly two-decade-long marriage to Soon-Yi Previn. Over the years, Woody has publicly spoken out on his controversial relationship with his former step-daughter and current wife of twenty years Soon-Yi Previn.The two originally met while Woody was married to Soon-Yi's adoptive mom, Mia Farrow. Not only has Allen described himself as a "paternal" figure to Previn in the past (he is 35 years older), but he has also expressed no remorse over causing Mia and Soon-Yi's siblings considerable pain at the time of the scandal.After a bitter custody battle, Farrow obtained full custody. They married in 1997 and have two teenage daughters.Woody Allen has long faced criticism regarding his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn, 44, who was the adopted daughter of his former flame Mia Farrow.

He was the poet laureate of neurotic New Yorkers, the genius filmmaker who moved among civilians at Knicks games and Michael’s Pub. They never lived together nor married, and their symphonic, unconventional arrangement seemed a rebuke to anyone who found New York City too liberal, too brash, too intellectual or offensive.The bizarre interviews about their relationship comes on the heels of renewed allegations that the director molested his daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was just a young child. You can see I worked right through that, undiminished.Made films all through those years and at the same rate I was making them. I am very disciplined and very monomaniacal and compartmentalized.""…Allen had also adopted two of Mia’s 11 other children — Moses, then 13, and Dylan, then 6.In a recent NPR interview, Woody Allen opened up about his controversial marriage to Soon-Yi Previn, the 35-years-younger adopted daughter of his former partner Mia Farrow.

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