Wpf binding observablecollection not updating

To get rid of this problem i found the following solution that implements an Asynchronous Observable Collection. But both Properties dont hold any value during runtime. this means you need a public property called Logger View Model on your current Datacontext. your Viewmodel code looks ok, but the problem is your XAML and setting your Datacontext.

Following links helped me to get it working: Stackoverflow Implementing Async Observable Collection @blindemeis: Spoof is telling me: Data Context - [Logger. so pls post the code where you set the Data Context.

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I have been reading all the related articles here in the board but I still can't solve my problem that I have when binding an Observable Collection to a List View.

My Object Class (Observable Object is just a base class that implements INotify Poperty Changed) For some reason this does not update the UI of the second listbox.

If I put a breakpoint at this location I can see that Level2Menu Items has the correct information stored in it.

So when you modify a collection item you will need to notify the binding that the property was changed.

From your window's viewmodel after you have modified the item in the collection, you would notify that the collection was changed.

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