Wsus pcs not updating validating non validating parser xml

Microsoft has announced a fix today for its flawed update, known as "KB3148812".

This update was aimed at organizations using its Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) management product.

Hi chaps, For some reason, which I cannot understand, I have around half my PC's are contacting the WSUS server but not reporting.

Some organizations that applied the flawed KB3148812 update have had dysfunctional WSUS systems for almost two weeks. The fix is a new Knowledge Base item called "KB3159706," as described in this announcement today.The Synchronization Schedule for WSUS server has been kept at hrs.Occasionally, you might discover a client that isn’t automatically installing updates correctly.I only have Windows XP/7 with Office downloading and it's well over 50 GB used.If you expand the WSUS drive you should see it download more. The WSUS server has 5 GB of Free space left out of 50 GB where ' Database' & ' Update Source' folder is there.

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