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Bill has spent tens of thousands trying to gain access to the box. JENNY BROCKIE: What was the money he asked for, for?

Brian Hay is Detective Superintendent with the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group in the Queensland Police. JENNY: For the project he was working on for various consumables and wages and things like that.

Daily Cred makes working with OAuth super duper simple.

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"Operation Disrepair" – South Australian Police To report a scam, or enquire about Victims of Fraud meetings, call (08) 7322 4247 Western Union Fraud Hotline If you think you've been scammed sending a transaction through Western Union, please report it to their Fraud Hotline: 1800 023 324, and please forward suspicious emails to [email protected] and territory agencies Jenny is a victim of online romance fraud, losing a six figure sum in six weeks. His photo has been used in hundreds of online dating scams.

She met someone on RSVP who said he was an American businessman and lived near her in Perth. He started asking her for money to help pay some of his business costs. He spun a web of lies over five months, culminating in the supposed removal of gold bars from Afghanistan. He finds about one fake account a week using his image and alerts Facebook to them. JENNY BROCKIE: Had you spoken to the person you thought was this man?

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