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It also allows for safer queries, since the values are escaped automatically by the system. If you set it to FALSE, Code Igniter will not try to protect your field or table names.

This is useful if you need a compound select statement where automatic escaping of fields may break them.

Looking for the tutorials I found some really great resources on the web as well as books.

Unfortunately many of them were written for Spring 2.x, which lacks some recent features, mainly ability to configure everything by Java annotations (a.k.a. That was something that kept me away from Spring at the first place - doing it programmatically gives much more sense of control and is more readable.

Since version 3.1 it has Servlet 3 API support, I won't use for configuring , which provides empty methods that can be overridden to customize default configuration of Spring MVC.

We will stick to default configuration at this time, but it’s advised for you to see what the possibilities are.

Characteristics determining the FEC of a higher-layer packet depend on the configuration of the router, but typically this is at least the destination IP address. Thus, a Forward Equivalence Class tends to correspond to a label switched path (LSP).Controllers are composed of controller will be executed.For more details on how routes are resolved into actions, please refer to the Routing and URL Creation section.Sure, we have Content Deployment and STSADM export etc., but the lowest level of granularity is a web, and if you don't want to overwrite the whole thing neither option can be used.The only other option is to write code which uses the Content Migration API.

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