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If you're a short, illiterate Nebraskan, stick with your ability to whip up a killer risotto. While you might be legitimately passionate about music (or nature, or food, for that matter) so are 90% of other humans. Also avoid: photos of your car unless you're in it; with an animal you've just killed; or an ex obviously cropped out. Maybe one of you in a suit, or with a pet (doesn't even have to be your pet.) "No drama: had enough of that with my ex." Nothing kills the mood like a diatribe thinly veiled as a bio.

clueless to Natalie’s hints throughout the season, but that didn’t stop Natalie from following her heart.I’m very thankful and humbled and fortunate to have experienced something like that, and it changed my life in several different aspects. We have a relationship, but we’re not in a romantic relationship in that regard.What made you pick up and leave Atlanta to do .” You know? It’s funny because you go to Bora Bora and you connect in such a way that you know it’s so unique and so special.But before you get naked and jump on in this Valentine’s Day, Splittable, creators of a free app for housemates and certified experts on the trials and tribulations of flatsharing, are about to tell you why dating your housemate is ALWAYS a bad idea. PDA It stands for Public Display of Affection and it makes everyone else in the house gag. And let’s not not even mention the shared bathroom (ew). Let’s play the (un)happily married couple It’s great living together right? Suddenly you’ve aged 20 years overnight and your weekends are now all about finishing your list of chores so you can escape the endless nagging. ) Imagine the two of you breaking up but still having to live under the same roof. Even if they seem cool with it at first (they’re not), the “cute” hand holding always spirals out of control. You don’t even remember your other housemates’ names (and why can’t we just throw them out of OUR house?! Do you honestly think you can live together again in harmony like before? imagine if you lived next door to each other’s room and you hear a little creek in the middle of the night..

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