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We offer a warm and dynamic online and live environment where members can have fun, support each other, gain confidence, learn, move forward and enjoy relationships.We hope new members realise that, the more they get involved in Outsiders, the more likely they are to find the partner of their dreams.By the time O'Porter's internal geyser burst, she was already a household name in her native Britain, having made dozens of quirky first-person television documentaries on topics ranging from lesbianism to breast cancer.She had also, by that time, been called everything from an "arsehole" to "like Louis Theroux if he'd had 90 per cent of his IQ replaced with cupcake frosting".His perfect partner was an older lady, “blonde, understanding, not too impatient or bossy”.Then we met Richard’s mother, blonde, understanding, and not too bossy.

Welcome to Disabled Friends a fresh, exciting and fully interactive virtual world for disabled people.

Then I noticed one woman was in a wheelchair and a man had a deformed face. What is so awful about disabled people wanting to find love?

Don’t they have the same senses, affections, passions as the able-bodied?

O'Porter responded to that last "low blow" by writing that exposing and celebrating her imperfect flesh had been part of her examination of the societal pressure for women to look perfect and telling it to "piss off". Being trolled so badly had already stalled her career, sent her spiralling into depression and damaged her relationship with her now-husband, Bridesmaids actor Chris O'Dowd.

And she's not alone: more than 20 per cent of women surveyed in a new Australian study reported feeling depressed after experiencing harassment online, with 5 per cent saying it made them feel suicidal.

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