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Yesterday she was told she must hand it over to Ennis-Hill, who originally won silver — which in turn is awarded to Germany's Jennifer Oeser while Polish athlete Karolina Tyminska will now be given a bronze medal from the 2011 championships.

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The 2012 Olympic heptathlon champion wants to see a clean summer as she prepares to collect her third World Championship gold.

CAS also confirmed Chernova would be 'sanctioned with a period of ineligibility of three years and eight months, beginning on 5 February, 2016.'Also included in Tuesday's statement were details of sanctions for Russian track duo Ekaterina Sharmina and Kristina Ugarova after blood doping was identified following analysis of their athlete biological passports.

Jessica Ennis-Hill says she is thrilled to "finally be receiving my gold medal" after the woman who beat her to top spot at the 2011 world championship was stripped of her title due to a doping offence.

She is due to join Ennis-Hill at a special ceremony in London in August and Ennis-Hill, who retired last year, hopes others will avoid their long wait.

“We have made massive steps to becoming a cleaner sport in the past year but there’s a lot that needs to be done,” she told Press Association Sport.

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