Play bad company 2 without updating

But its curved 34-inch screen will have to work pretty hard to justify the price tag.

With a tight single player campaign and a massive multiplayer component, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was the first true multi-format offering in the series.I am running Windows 8 Professional and the Origin client is installed (because of Battlefield 3); I can run Battlefield BC2 via the Origin client or the old method of launching the game via C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield Bad Company 2 .Can someone please advise why I can't update this game to the latest version?We’ve sometimes been caught comparing the Oculus and Vive hand controllers, but one thing we definitely agree on is that grabbing stuff with your hands in VR feels amazing, and we wouldn’t want Fantastic Contraption played any other way. You may also notice some teasers in the above video for the Fantastic Contraption level editor.We’re putting the finishing touches on it right now so you can expect to see it in an update soon.

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