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PROVO, Utah — Brigham Young University will honor former BYU consensus All-American and NFL quarterback Jim Mc Mahon by retiring his No. From 1977-81, he completed 653 passes for 9,536 yards and 84 touchdowns, with a career passing efficiency of 156.9. Throughout the history of BYU football, dating back to 1922, just five jerseys have been retired — Eldon "The Phantom" Fortie (No. He loved the game of football and always played the game like he was having fun. I know there are a lot of people all over the country who are excited for Jim to be formally recognized as one of the Cougar greats.” Recognized as one of the outstanding collegiate quarterbacks of all time, Mc Mahon finished his BYU football career in 1981 with an astonishing 70 NCAA records.Three years ago to the day, I crunched the numbers to see which quarterbacks had thrown the most pick sixes thrown in NFL history.With three more years of data, a robust play-by-play database, and, ya know, Matt Schaub, I figured it was time for an update. Yates got the Texans into the record books as Houston had an interception returned for a touchdown in five straight games.His game expressed his character: elegant but soft, a zipperoo-deficient blur of speed.He shied away from contact and sometimes dropped the ball in big situations.

5 in Houston, we look back at the 50 greatest Super Bowl competitors from the ASN family of schools as calculated one year ago. Gary Fencik was a 10-year veteran, team captain and All-Pro safety, playing for a team that was blasting its way toward history.

Five or 15 or 20 years down the road he’ll realize that was his moment, back here, with a lot of people he couldn’t wait to escape. It was just a bunch of stiff jocks in blue jerseys and tight football pants dancing like robots as they rapped phrases about their identity and intentions.

He’d been so busy planning that he’d never noticed the dream country in every window of the bus. The music had been lifted from “The Kingfish Shuffle,” a rap based on the Amos ’n Andy character, for which Meyer had bought the rights.

Then, just as you were about to give up, he would take a punt or a short pass and go the distance. Everyone has known a guy like that, a beautiful hustler, forever on the make.

He wears a high hat, and every gesture tells you that he’s bound for gaudier scenes.

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