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Under California law, you can file a lawsuit against a dealer if they do not tell the truth; dealers must provide written terms or disclosure for the following: The auto fraud lawyers at our firm will file a lawsuit against a dealer for fraud and get your money back, no matter when the fraud occurred; even years after the sale of the car.

The auto fraud attorneys at our firm help car buyers to get out of their contracts, and replace, repurchase, or return their cars and get their money back under the California lemon law and state and federal consumer laws.

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Even without a law requiring disclosure, failing to disclose the risk of an attorneys’ fees award to potential class representative plaintiffs could be viewed as legal malpractice.The auto fraud lawyers at our firm have years of experience in helping California consumers get money back from deceptive sales tactics and car dealership scams.We will also cancel bad contracts that take advantage of buyers.Packing: In a “packing” case the customer is quoted an inflated monthly payment.If he or she accepts this amount, the dealership adds accessories (alarms, service contracts, GAP insurance, paint/fabric protection, etc.) to the purchase contract to reach the inflated quoted price.

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